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Location: Spreyton,Devon England
Web site:

i'm 43, married with a cute cat Ruby,lost our cat Jasmine to cancer =0(,and my dad to a brain haemmorage nearly 4 years ago. We live on the edge of Dartmoor. love all puzzles, including collecting Rubiks type ( most of which i can solve) also am a poet,writer and love reading anything from Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials to Bridget Jones Diary,Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast trilogy is my all time favourite. recently discovered Artemis Fowl - a teenage book but very well written and imaginative. Better than H. Potter. still enjoy my music - Kate Bush,Abba,Mika,La Roux,Lily Allen,All about Eve,Beatles,Monkees,Kinks,Bert Kaempfert,c64 retro SID music, plus Atari ST tracker electropop. ebay is a place i tend to frequent, to find wonderswan,neogeopocket, and gameboy stuff, mainly puzzles again, but i do revert to supermario sometimes. love walking,anything from the stoneage period, the sea and devon countryside. enjoy nonosweeper and malletmania between times ;) Oh, new interests f

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