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Mallet Mania
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Best Times: Mallet 9 ( )

All time
1Fritz4 sec2011-09-12
2Qetuth4 sec2011-03-17
3Gero Waelz4 sec2005-04-19
4Dragon5 sec2007-03-17
5Maruda5 sec2006-06-03
6Christoph6 sec2011-10-05
7Sam Haynes6 sec2011-03-12
8Harryck Repse6 sec2010-11-08
9Caren6 sec2006-11-03
10Luca Vezzoni6 sec2005-04-18
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This month
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All time
1Qetuth13 sec2011-03-14
2Gero Waelz15 sec2006-01-03
3Fritz16 sec2011-11-01
4Dragon18 sec2007-04-16
5Maruda19 sec2006-07-17
6Harryck Repse21 sec2010-12-01
7Christoph23 sec2011-12-02
8Caren23 sec2006-05-24
9Teek25 sec2005-10-26
10Sam Haynes27 sec2011-03-13
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This month
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All time
1Qetuth31 sec2011-03-17
2Fritz36 sec2011-04-12
3Dragon38 sec2007-04-16
4Gero Waelz38 sec2005-07-09
5Maruda47 sec2006-07-14
6Christoph57 sec2011-11-30
7Caren57 sec2006-11-03
8Teek62 sec2005-09-30
9Kobbie67 sec2005-07-09
10Nikolaj75 sec2006-04-30
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This month
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